The Divine Unrest, My Stories and Personal Views on Belly Dance

As a little girl my life changed forever one fateful morning years ago when I was six. I watched belly dancers on TV and knew from that moment on life would not be the same.” Written with a unique, engaging lyrical style, The Divine Unrest is filled with stories of success, rejection, frustration, betrayal, determination and triumph and pulls back the veil on many belly dance subjects. The Divine Unrest is a thoughtful, thought provoking & inspiring narrative that invites you to intimately share Leyla’s personal 20 + year Belly Dance journey.
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Dawn Mendenhal

This was a really good read about belly dance and about life. It really made me see how we have to make the dance our own and not just copy someones interpretation. I come back to my belly dancing with a new and fresh view on what I want out of it! Thank you so much Leyla!

Rozanne al Jinan

I purchased The Divine Unrest yesterday and could not stop reading. It is a short book jammed with personal accounts of living a colorful career in dance. This book has lessons to learn from and words to live by. I would recommend the Divine Unrest to anyone who has a career in an artistic field. I'm sure you'll love it.

Dianne M. Turausky

I bought this book on a whim after a particularly stressful dance class. Once I started reading, I hated to put it down. It was like talking to a big sister or close friend! Leyla honestly talks to us about self doubt, divas, criticism, the joy of dance, the frustration of finding your niche, and aging. I think this book would help anyone in the performing arts and may have applications beyond that as at some time or another, we all must put ourselves "out there" in order to get ahead. It came into my life at the perfect moment and I am grateful to Leyla for writing it.

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Leyla Najma

About Belly Dancer Leyla Najma At age of 6 one Saturday morning I was watching TV eating a bowl of fruit loops. I decided that the cartoon at the time just didn’t cut it so I changed the channel and low and behold I came across belly dance on our local station. I stared mesmerized at the TV and from that day forward I knew in my soul what I was born to do. Now I was a little Catholic girl so you can imagine what my Mom said when I told her I wanted to be a belly dancer. A little pat on the head and “I don’t think so” was basically all that she said. But as the years passed I never forgot that feeling or memory of watching women doing a dance that for some odd reason I remembered. I can remember at age 16 I went to a Greek Festival and saw dancers performing and my heart just ached because I knew I should be up on stage dancing too. It wasn’t until I was 22 that I got my break and I started to belly dance. I met a wonderful dancer named Dina and my journey in this dance began.  I studied for 2 years before I ever performed. I was taking classes from an internationally kno